Important Tips for Pedi Blades!

Our pediatric blades come in 2 sizes, Pedi 1 and Pedi 2. They are similar in size to Mac 1 & 2 blades, but have a more angled tip for enhanced video laryngoscopy. 

Pedi 1 = Ages 1-2

Pedi 2 = Ages 3-8

* These are general guidelines, experiences may vary


1. These blades were designed so that your screen should be in a vertical or "portrait" view while using them. This maximizes your anterior viewing area and is important if you want to have the best view.

2. Make sure your videoscope is not tilted in the blade, but is oriented properly. Taking your time to have good alignment of your scope in the blade will give you the best views possible. 

3. The tip of the scope should stop just beyond the plastic holder. If it goes too far you will lose your field of view.