What if I can't find a 5.5 mm videoscope?

  • We recommend buying a 5.5 mm videoscope when possible as they have a smaller profile, wider point of view, and will be able to fit all current and future blade designs.

  • We understand that 5.5 mm videoscopes are not always available to buy, so we have created files that fit 7 mm and 8 mm videoscopes for our standard adult blades. 

What print settings do you recommend?

  • We recommend printing the blade with either Nylon or ABS plastic if possible. PETG and PLA are also good options, however they are bioplastics, will degrade over time, do not do well when exposed to heat, and will need to be replaced more frequently. PETG is more durable, stronger, and lasts longer when compared to PLA. 

  • Print with 60-80% infill and at least 5 walls/parameters for optimal strength. 

How do I disinfect the blade?