About Us

     Video Laryngoscopes (VL) have significantly improved airway management and perioperative safety in most modern medical facilities. Yet, traditional VL systems can cost thousands, making it unaffordable for many under resourced facilities around the world. We have the technology today to change that. 3D printers allow for affordable manufacturing of low volume products. Combine a 3D printed blade with today's available consumer electronics and you have an incredibly useful and affordable VL system that can help to improve patient safety for the most vulnerable populations. This is not something we just made up, but it has been tested and published multiple times already (see LINKS). It was easy to find information regarding the use of 3D printed video laryngoscopes online, but we could not find an easy resource center that provided a quality printable blade as well as specific information on what scope to buy, which devices are compatible, and how to put it all together. So we decided to see if we could do it ourselves.

     We started off by designing and building one VL system. We sent it with a medical missions team that traveled to the Philippines. It was a great success. Every anesthesia provider on the team tried the VL. Many wanted to order one for themselves, including the locals. We then took what we learned from that experience and looked for ways to improve our system. With the AirAngel and this website, we want to make what we've learned available to everyone. We want it to be easy, affordable, and useful.  

Our Mission

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

-John 15:12

     This project was born from the belief that God, the creator of this world, loves each and every one of us unconditionally. He calls on us to use our resources and skills to care for and serve the poor and sick of this world. The AirAngel project is an attempt to give those who live in developing nations the same opportunity for airway safety that most of us have when we go under anesthesia. 

     We want you to have a reliable VL system when doing medical missions in third world countries. We also want every surgical facility in the world to have access to a reliable VL. To do that we need your help. While on your medical mission, we urge you to train the local staff on how to use the VL system and donate it to them. It would be a wonderful gift to the staff, facility, and community; and would continue to increase patient safety long after you leave.